4K camera for Macro Pathology integrated in ORNet Pathology light.

ORNet Pathology

This year goes into history books with several very interesting projects in ORNet Pathology. Several unique features regarding use and annotation..Read More


In 2016 we started successful co-operation with LIS (Laboratory Information Systems) manufacturers. For example with Tieto have done several integrations..Read More


ORNet Capture – single image source solution got a new, small and modern red/white hardware that proved to be popular within..Read More


ORNet Pathology, a specialized product family for Pathology is completed and completing the certification process. Single source ORNet solution, for users among..Read More

New customer Vaasa

Vaasa hospital in Finland established ORNet as their operating rooms management system in 2 locations. Both locations use the same databases, therefore..Read More

New customer Joensuu

Joensuu hospital is another large ORNet VCS customer with their OR-s equipped with ORNet right from the beginning. In this year, they..Read More