ORNet Capture

Edistynyt kuvavirranhallintaratkaisu kustannustehokkaille lääketieteellisille organisaatioille

  • Käytä, tallenna ja varastoi videoita ja kuvia
  • Hallitse videolähteitä helposti keskitetystä kosketuksella toimivalla ohjauspaneelilla
  • Helppokäyttöinen käyttöliittymä
  • Moniulotteinen viivakoodi ja RFID-lukutoiminnot potilaan tunnistamiseksi
ORNet Capture for surgery image and video processing


Kustannustehokas, pienikokoinen ja pinottava yhden syötteen ratkaisu toimenpidehuoneille ja erikoislääkärien toimistoille



This single input unit is used for connecting endoscopy camera, ophthalmology microscopes, dermatology camera or any other specific image source.


Allows saving one stream and still images simultaneously. Still images can be captured, marked for samples, and stored at the same time with videos.


ORNet Capture software supports procedure and patient recognition with multi-dimensional bar codes (1D and 2D) and RFID.


Upload hospital's own or procedure based templates such as images of organs for easier annotations.


Images taken from any camera, and videos can be edited using various tools. Audio files can be recorded for adding comments.


Full integration and transfer of information and images with HL7 and DICOM messages to electronic patient databases to ensure patient security and standardized data management.


Patient data (images, video files, audio files) collected during the procedures can be edited and sent to hospital archives for long term storage.


Every procedure room can upload their own procedure lists or any other procedure specific instructions that must be followed during the procedure in ORNet Capture.


A highly intuitive user interface that allows one touch control of all functions for smooth operations. It also has localized language options with icons and keywords

Työnkulun joustavuus ja tehokkuus

ORNet Capture is an open solution not tied to any brands. That gives customers the opportunity to integrate existing imaging devices into the system.

Furthermore, It provides all of the necessary tools to take images easily, tag with patient data, add comments to images, save and edit videos, compile patient records and send them to archives at one push of a button – making ORNet Capture the ultimate solution for all your imaging needs.

ORNet Capture Workflow

Increased patient security

The traceability of all phases of a procedure increases patient security – and patient data, tagged images and videos can be reviewed or replayed at any time.

User rights and user groups are defined according to the hospital’s own data security policy

patient security with ORNet Capture


ORNet Capture is a small scale-solution that takes minimal installation space and can be installed within existing facilities. Also, it can be integrated into existing systems via HL7 and DICOM scripts.

This system helps to significantly reduce the time between a procedure and the storage of identified and marked images and videos, making the process more efficient. 

Miksi valita meidät!

ORNet, jonka juuret ovat tietoturvan ja audiovisuaalisten ratkaisujen parissa vuodesta 2003 lähtien, on lääkinnällisten laitteiden innovaation eturintamassa. Olemme uranuurtajia tarjoamalla monipuolisen, täysin sertifioidun lääketieteellisen ratkaisun, joka tehostaa työnkulkuja ja parantaa potilasturvallisuutta. 

Dynaaminen tiimimme yhdistää kokeneen asiantuntemuksen ja tuoreet näkökulmat, sitoutuneena edistämään lääketieteellisen teknologian kehitystä. Valitsemalla ORNetin et valitse vain tuotetta, vaan investoit saumattoman lääketieteellisen hoidon tulevaisuuteen.

ORNet Surgical procedure documentation

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Frequently asked questions about ORNet Editor

What is ORNet Capture?

ORNet Editor is the latest patient media files management system for hospitals, created with the vision to enhance the mobility of pathologists and surgical teams. That means, they can access patient media files, edit images and videos, perform analysis, and share or print them instantly from anywhere within the hospital network.

What are the benefits of ORNET Capture?

The biggest advantages of ORNet Editor are it's Mobility, Efficiency, Ease, and Security. Healthcare professionals can use it from anywhere within the network and save time in procedural planning and analysis. Furthermore, the easy to use interface and simple yet powerful features designed by keeping the needs of actual users in mind make it a must have for surgical teams and pathology labs.
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