ORNet Editor

Enhancing Patient Care with Remote Media Files Management

      • A Mobile Solution to Edit & Analyze Patient Media Files including Images, Videos, and Audios
      • User Friendly Interface
      • Add Annotations, Markings & More
      • Image Comparison for Pre & Post Procedure Analysis
      • HIS/LIS/PACS Archives Integration
      • Image Sharing & Patient Reports
ORNet Editor - A mobile histopathology image editing and analysis platform


It allows Pathologists, Surgical Staff, Consultants, and Other Authorized Users to securely access clinical images and videos attached to patient files and perform analysis without being restricted to the Operating Room or their WorkStation.

Mobility & Efficiency

Allowing Authorized Users to Perform Analysis from Practically Anywhere Rather than Being Limited to OR or Pathology Labs. That Makes It Easier to Prepare for Procedures and Perform Any Post-procedure Analysis.

Access to Patient Files & Media
Allows Medical Teams to access patient files and data in the HIS, perform analysis on any media files, (image & videos), send to archives once done, or even retrieve them from archives for further analysis and/or comparison
Easier Calibration & Annotations

You can add annotations, markings, or highlight any details with the click of a button and perform on-screen calibration for improved analysis

Image Comparison

Making easier for surgical staff and pathologists to perform pre & post procedure analysis by comparing two histopathology images at the same time

Shared Folder for Team Collaboration
Any images and videos can be sent to a shared folder to get a second opinion of anyone within the network
Patient Reports

Which Can Be Customized Based on Patient Needs and Shared Instantly

Audio Recording During Analysis

Add Audio Comments During Analysis to Make Process Easier and Explain Different Aspects

Seamless Integration

With LIS/HIS/PACS Archives & Other ORNet Systems such as ORNet Pathology & ORNet Surgery

Easier Installation and Updates

Users can Download the App and Updates Directly from the Main Server to Computer Without Having Technical Expertise.

Other Features

Automated Text for Standard Phrases, Marking the Containers and Cassettes, Various Fonts and Colors, Multiple Language Options for convenience, and much more

Frequently Asked Questions

The biggest advantages of ORNet Editor 2.0 are it's Mobility, Efficiency, Ease, and Security. Healthcare professionals can use it from anywhere within the network and save time in procedural planning and analysis. Furthermore, the easy to use interface and simple yet powerful features designed by keeping the needs of actual users in mind make it a must have for surgical teams and pathology labs.

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