Image sources processing and management

Image sources processing and management

Handle different types of video sources from a single point of use including endoscopy cameras, surgical light cameras, USB headset cameras, ONVIF, and general room cameras. Perform actions such as zoom/in out, focus, etc. Connect and view up to 6 input sources simultaneously with the option to add more based on your needs.

The system allows adding additional an monitor, which can be a diagnostic or touch monitor. Ideal for working with an assistant.

Images from sources can be viewed and stored in 4K quality. ORNet Surgery allows users to record from up to 4 video sources simultaneously.

Still images can be captured, marked for samples, and stored at the same time with videos. In the presets it is determined whether videos are recorded with sound or not. Audio files can also be added to patient files.

ORNet operating room integration & management system with 4K video