ORNet Pathology

A Versatile Digital solution for Macro & Micro Pathology specimen management and Imaging

ORNet Pathology - A Micro & Macro Pathology Imaging & Management System

Everything You Need for Digital Pathology sample documentation

Specimen Imaging

Eliminate the need for verbal documentation or drawing. Capture immediate specimen images, detailing color and shape. Benefit from optical zoom and an additional 10x digital zoom.

Efficient Annotation Tools

Annotate with ease using grossing station-based standardized terms. Drag and drop frequently used terms onto images for accuracy.

Audio Documentation

Create audio files embedded with patient and study metadata as a supplementary documentation method, primed for instant transcription.

ORNet Pathology with Macro Pathology Sample Documentation

AI-Powered Measurements

Automatically outline multiple samples using AI. Instantly calculate area and size with integrated medical scales for unmatched accuracy.

Online Consultation

Engage in secure online consultations with other experts through live video feeds or still images, fostering real-time collaboration and expert insights.

Enhanced Collaboration with Assistants

Collaborate effortlessly with assistants by switching between live camera feeds and captured still images, ensuring a comprehensive view of specimens.

Devices Management & Advanced Integrations

Take control of connected devices including cameras, monitors, and more. 


Experience top-tier 4k imaging . Access features like Auto Focus and White Balance directly from the main screen. Seamlessly integrate other video sources and switch between sources for diverse imaging needs.

Lights Management

Benefit from efficient LED lights designed for clarity without glare. Adjust to 4 intensity levels, complemented by a blue cutting board for true sample color representation.


A typical Macro pathology workstation integrates a medical IP65 panel PC along with a separate monitor for assistants. This configuration optimizes the speed of sample handling and marking.

Barcode Verification

Ensure the utmost patient security with barcode verification for containers and cassettes. Plus, conveniently add and print new cassettes as needed.


Experience the convenience of hands-free operation with a foot pedal. Personalize the main features according to user preferences, optimizing ease of operation.

Instructional Support

Upload instructional documents or videos tailored for general or rare examinations. View them based on the examination type, ensuring clarity and precision in every procedure.


ORNet Pathology  integrates with LIS, HIS, and PACS archives using HL7 and DICOM scripts, allowing secure transfer of data.

After Examination:

ORNet Pathology Integrated with LIS, PACS, HIS for seamless transfer of information and media files

Varför välja oss!

ORNet, med rötter inom datasäkerhet och ljud- och video-lösningar sedan 2003, står i framkant av medicinsk enhetsinnovation. Vi är pionjärer inom att leverera en mångsidig, fullständigt certifierad medicinsk lösning som effektiviserar arbetsflöden och förbättrar patientsäkerheten. 

Vårt dynamiska team blandar erfaren expertis med fräscha perspektiv, engagerade i att driva framsteg inom medicinsk teknologi. Med ORNet väljer du inte bara en produkt, utan investerar i en framtid med sömlös medicinsk vård.

Modern Gross Pathology with ORNet PathologyTraditional Pathology Grossing


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Grossing Station

Autopsy Room

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Most frequently asked questions and answers about ORNet Pathology

What is ORNet Pathology?

ORNet Pathology is a versatile digital solution designed for Macro & Micro Pathology specimen documentation. It eliminates the need for verbal documentation of anatomical Pathology specimen, streamlining the process with immediate imaging and efficient annotations.

How does ORNet Pathology enhance specimen imaging?

ORNet Pathology offers specimen imaging through 4K camera with 25x optical and 10x digital zoom capabilities. AI-powered measurements for accurate area and size calculations.

How does ORNet Pathology ensure patient security?

Patient security is paramount in ORNet Pathology. It comes with barcode verification for containers and cassettes, ensuring the utmost security. The system also seamlessly integrates with LIS, HIS, and PACS archives using HL7 and DICOM scripts, enabling secure the transfer of patient, procedure, and media files.

Can I collaborate with peers using this system?

Yes, ORNet Pathology facilitates real-time online consultations through live feeds or still images, enabling expert collaboration.
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