Sample management


ORNet Pathology is suitable for documenting all types of samples. It can work as a stand-alone solution for Macro imaging or can be integrated into the Laboratory System.

In stand-alone solution marking of the containers and cassettes is manual, whether by typing in the data or reading the information with a barcode scanner that is provided with the system. In case the system is integrated into existing LIS, patient data, container, and cassette numbers come from LIS automatically. ORNet can verify the data (comparing given numbers to data read with scanners) and after the procedure is documented, verified information is sent back to LIS.

Additionally, ORNet makes it possible to add new containers and cassettes according to the specified numbering format, remove unused containers & cassettes that were added manually, and use cassettes without any drawings. Users can also integrate a cassette printer and print all cassettes for the study or print additional tissue cassettes when needed.